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a ministry for the growth of men

About Us

     The Men's Ministry at New Covenant Tabernacle is a Ministry for the growth of men that strives to develop the character of all those who identify as male from ages 13 and up. Our mission is to help these men transition from the milk to the meat of God's word, maturing to the place of an edifice built up in faith and wisdom.

     We all come from different nationalities, different experiences, and different places in our lives, but we have one common denominator: His name is Jesus Christ, the righteous one. He died for each man, taking upon himself all of our sins and shame, and made a way for us in the weakest areas of our lives.

     We are here to lift up the Brotherhood, to strengthen one another, and to bring a level of faith and encouragement to God's word that will propel every man to the place of God's purpose for each one of us in His kingdom.

Ministry Leader
Elder Mario Richards
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